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Orthodontic treatment can occur at any age.

The period of mixed dentition has its special importance as jaw-bones are still in development. Some discrepencies might be well treated already at young age (7-13 year old) or might be prepared for latter treatment of permanent teeth.

The orthodontic check up by a specialised orthodontist is very important at young age (7-13). Appliances might be removable for night use or might be fixed for permanent use. Fixed appliances are used mostly when the patient has permanent teeth .

These appliances are different versions of multibands, they differ from each other in aesthetic aspects only. The appliances migh be composed of metal or porcelain but there is a possibility for hidding the appliance behind the teeth .

Adult patients are treated with the same type of appliances as children. Treatments at this age serve- besides aesthetic aspect- as preparation for further dental treatment of removable or fixed dentures.