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All ceramic restorations

All ceramic restorations were introduced more than a 100 years ago but reliable restorations are only available since new technology and materials science has evolved and computers became increasingly a part of crown and bridge fabrication. Metal-free restorations reproduce better natural aesthetic as there is no underlaying metals substructure and are bio-compatible. Inlays, onlays, porcelain veneers, and all varieties of crowns and bridges can be fabricated out of ceramic materials.

Porcelain Jacket crown

When a FPD of maximum aesthetics is required, this crown is the choice. They are not as resistant to fracture so their use must be restricted to situations likely to produce low stress: they are usually used for incisors.

Pressed ceramic systems

Restorations made from pressed ceramics have better margins and are much stronger than the porcelain of Jacket crowns. They can be utilized also for short span bridges.Compared with metal ceramic restorations, they have greater translucency and generally blend better with adjacent teeth.

All ceramic restorations and dental CAD/CAM systems

CAD/CAM made it possible to work with a new generation of hard ceramics in dentistry. The development of refined, tougher, and stronger ceramic core materials: aluminum-oxide and zirconium-dioxide in recent years has led to the wider use of new, strong all-ceramic system. These ceramics are strong enough to withstand occlusal forces of the molar region. Hard ceramics make the core of the restoration and the dental technician creates a lifelike aesthetics with individually layered ceramic veneering materials. The CAD/CAM method is using computer technology, 3D virtual images for restoration design and the restoration is milled from a block of hard ceramic, than veneered.